Tierra y Libertad.


The fashion industry must be held accountable for the major dehumanization of workers worldwide. People with sweatshop wages are working endlessly in deplorable factories with a lack of viable alternative employment opportunities. Fast fashion has negatively impacted mother earth, all on behalf of the desire for continuous attire that is easily disposed and ends up in landfills contaminating water and other vital life resources.

A myriad of popular companies make profits off exploiting different cultures without respect or value of peoples ancestral connection. Resulting in the exploitation of many communities worldwide. Weaving is a sacred tradition each stitch holds stories that should be respected. Artisans hold the power to preserve history. We create for the preservation of our traditional artisan crafts; and to honor our ancestors values.

Photo: Movimiento Nacional de Tejedoras Ruchajixik ri qana’ojbäl